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Little Lingo | Melbourne
Improve your child's ability to learn by introducing them to a foreign language
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Introducing babies, toddlers & parents to foreign language with a play based approach. No experience required.

60% English 40% Spanish. Think Dora the Explorer!

This innovative program introduces families to a foreign language (Spanish) in a play-based setting. Little Lingo does not presume any prior second language ability as it uses a 60/40 approach to language learning. 

Both toddlers and their parents will learn a foreign language using a play based approach which is fun and easy and will spark a keen interest in learning a foreign language.

Little Lingo uses a variety of methods including music, books, songs and interactive games to introduce babies, toddlers and parents to a range of basic vocabulary and commands. The structure of Little Lingo encourages parents to learn along with their child and provides a building block to inspire their confidence and ability to continue to practice a foreign language at home.

Little Lingo exposes babies and toddlers to a second language to help optimise their learning potential and the shaping of their brain at its most flexible stage.

One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.
— Frank Smith